This Skin Clinic Is The Most IG-Worthy We’ve Ever Seen


Pamper your skin and satisfy your love for all things pretty.

When I first saw photos of Kamiseta Skin Clinic, I thought, “This is the prettiest clinic I’ve ever seen!”

Well, it wasn’t really a surprise. Kamiseta is known for their elegant interiors, and it can be seen in their clothing stores and Baguio hotel. I wanted to know if their clinic was just a pretty face, so I decided to try their services.

My skin was at its worst before coming in for the treatment. It was reddish with some old pimple marks, with one huge, hormonal acne on the chin. My first order of business was to consult with one of their in-house dermatologists about which treatment/s would work for my face.

I was ushered into a room that looked more like a boutique hotel space rather than a clinic. The only things that hinted at its true purpose were the bed and the machines. The aesthetician tucked me in (there was a comforter!) before starting with the HydraFacial, a four-step cleansing procedure done purely by machine.

The doctor asked the aesthetician to focus the wand on the T-zone to extract all the deep-seated dirt and sebum in my pores (which didn’t hurt AT ALL). Instead of going through the GlySal step (an exfoliating mix of glycolic and salicylic acid), I went straight to RevLite, a laser treatment procedure that will even out discoloration, rejuvenate the complexion, and tighten the pores, because according to her, GlySal shouldn’t be paired with any type of lasers.

I was led to another room for the RevLite treatment. It was conducted by the dermatologist who also tweaked the laser’s intensity based on my pain threshold. She explained that RevLite was good for my skin’s redness because it will get rid of it almost instantly. She also lasered my upper lip to get rid of unwanted hair.

She then proceeded to inject a zit-zapping solution on the huge pimple on my chin and other active spots. After that, I returned to my original room to continue the extraction of the blemishes on my forehead and to go through the final phase of the HydraFacial, the “Antioxidant” step.

I was used to looking gross post-facial, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the Hydrafacial + Revlite Laser treatment. My skin was smoother than it’s ever been, and I didn’t have any wounds from the extraction. My mom even said that I “had a glow.”

I was expecting my skin to break out (like I usually do days after a facial), but it didn’t. My complexion didn’t have redness and my skin tone looked more even. I loved how they customized the steps to suit my skin’s needs. Plus, they served me tea and cookies while I waited! BRB, scheduling my next appointment!

Kamiseta Skin is located at 3/F Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. For inquiries or reservations, call (632) 637-1345, (632)517-7336, or (0917)625-8438.


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